Gas products

You should contact a professional gas technician to complete a yearly maintenance check on your gas/propane fireplace, stove or insert. These technicians are qualified to check the valve and lines for any problems, and can clean any deposit that may interfere with the unit. They will also clean the glass of the unit inside and out, making it just like new. This is a service to be done during Spring and Summer. When the heating season quickly comes, it will be very difficult to have this service done during heating season.


Many of the workings and features of pellet stoves are constant through brand to brand.

The following are some tips to keep your stove or insert in excellent condition.

  • You should clean your pellet stove on a regular basis, including the venting.
  • Read the manual! There is some great information in this document, including upkeep and cleaning instructions.
  • Store your pellets in a dry place, otherwise they will absorb the moisture.
  • Use a scoop to fill your hopper. If you pour the pellets directly out of the bag, you may end up with unwanted sawdust remnants in the device. 

Wood stoves and chimneys

  • Ensure that the fires in your stove or chimneys burn hot, but not to hot. You should add a thermostat to your stove so you can keep an eye on the stove's temperature.
  • The wood you use for your stove should be well seasoned and dry. Buy the wood early enough so you can season and dry the wood properly.
  • Clean your chimney at least once a year.
  • Once heating season starts, check the baffles on the inside top of your stove. Then take out the fire brick and clean up your stove, replacing what is broken.
  • Examine your gasket around the door frame and glass window to look for fraying, wear and tear. Replace as needed. 
Download maintenance info in pdf format